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Bohning Feather Fletching Tape

Bohning feather fletching tape creates a strong, reliable bond on contact. Easily applied; one ro..

$22.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex Hot Melt

Bohing Cool Flex is a super strong, low melt temp. adhesive specifically formulated for carbon ar..

$14.50 Ex Tax: $13.18

Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum

Designed for vanes & feathersFor fletching on aluminum, carbon, fiberglass & wood shaftsClam..

$19.95 Ex Tax: $18.14

Bohning Insert Iron

Welds inserts and outserts to all shaft types. Bohning's Insert Iron has excellent impact resista..

$22.95 Ex Tax: $20.86

Gold Tip Tip Grip

Specially formulated for carbon arrows, Gold Tip's Tip Grip is a cyanoacrylate-based adhesive des..

$16.50 Ex Tax: $15.00