Cartel X-Pert Scope
Brand: Cartel Doosung
Product Code: Cartel X-Pert Scope
Price: $45.95
Ex Tax: $41.77

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Cartel's x-pert scope is constructed with anodized machined aluminum hosing and  a 42mm diameter lens with good optics. It features a center-drilled lens with anti-reflective coating.  The central hole accepts supplied flu pins and the scope body is fully LH/RH interchangeable.

  • Lens Diameter: 1 5/8"
  • Lense Power: +0.5 / +0.75 / +1.0 / +1.25
  • Tread Rod: 10-32
  • Green Level Bubble: 1 3/16(L) x 3/8"(Dia)



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