Hamskea Versa Overdraw

Hamskea Versa Overdraw

Why use an overdraw?

  1. If you want to maximize your accuracy, you need to take a moment and learn about torque tuning a bow. The top pros are using this technique to make the most forgiving setup possible. Torque tuning is nothing more than moving your rest forward and backward in conjunction with the sight to find the most forgiving sweet spot for the rest. To do this, you purposefully torque your bow and shoot a 20 yard target. If your bow responds to torque tuning, you can literally change your bow hand pressure and the arrow will still go in the middle.
  2. For you long draw archers that have a hard time finding a stiff enough arrow to shoot, with the Versa Overdraw, you can shoot a shorter arrow making your effective spine stiffer. No longer do you have to live with compromise. The Versa Overdraw gives you options for maximizing your accuracy! Designed as an extension of the patented VersaRest system, this design is rock solid and versatile. It is universal and can be used by right or left handed archers by simply reversing the catch plate. *For safety the overdraw bar must be used with the safety catch plate installed at all times! The Versa Overdraw can be used with most other manufactured arrow rests on the market. Maximize your accuracy with the Versa Overdraw and take to the field knowing that you have the most forgiving set up on the planet!

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