T.R.U. Ball Incredible Release Aid

T.R.U. Ball Incredible Release Aid

The most Incredible trigger release, period! This flagship T.R.U. Ball release has an all new thumb cocking bar located out of the way, not in the palm of your hand where it could be touched during the shot sequence. Includes Head-Centric Technology (H.C.T.) combined with a 360 degree rotating lock-down head. The incredible release is designed for the ultimate archer, featuring an all new internal trigger stabilizer mechanism to provide the most crisp, zero-travel trigger available in the industry today. 

  • Thumb cocking bar locked out of the way
  • Fast loading hook
  • Available in 3 finger or 4 finger trigger models
  • H.C.T. - removes torque, no peep rise or fall, head stays centred throughout back tension sequence, consistent draw length

Available in black only

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