VPA Vapor Riser

VPA Vapor Riser

The VPA Vapor Riser is a 13” ILF riser designed to accommodate any longbow or recurve ILF limbs from any manufacturer. It is machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock. It has 1” deflex and is perfectly balanced to make it more forgiving. It also has lateral limb adjustment to adjust limbs so they are perfectly aligned on centre.

The riser is cut 3/8” past centre to accommodate a plunger or hard stop making your arrows fully tunable. The shelf is radiused giving clearance to shoot right off the shelf. Most ILF riser grips will fit, but a medium VPA wrist grip designed specifically for consistent hand placement comes with this riser.

All of the hardware is stainless steel making the riser completely weatherproof . The riser is available in black, autumn orange and camo dip.

The VPA Vapor Riser is the most versatile hunting riser there is. 

  • Machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum bar stock
  • Adjustable for weight and limb alignment
  • ILF design is compatible with all ILF components
  • Medium wrist grip
  • Colours: Black, Autumn Orange, Camo


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