KME Gold Series Diamond Hone 3 Set

KME Gold Series Diamond Hone 3 Set

KME Gold Series diamond hones are manufactured using a patented superior plating process which thoroughly bonds the diamond particles to the steel base, producing one of the fastest cutting, longest lasting, and most durable diamond hones. 

KME has been experimenting and torture testing these hones for several months, pushing them way beyond the limits of normal use. In fact they have been intentionally trying to destroy them - to date being unable to ruin even one. In the coarser grits there is some loss of diamond, but they haven't been able to remove enough diamond to see any noticeable loss of performance... even after days of aduse on the hardest "Super-Steels". 

Set includes 3 hones:

  • Coarse 300 grit hone: Will produce true shaving sharp edges on even the hardest super-steels. While primarily used for everyday maintenance, it is aggressive enough for performing some minor reprofiling and very small chip repairs. 
  • Fine 600 grit hone: Refines your edges, taking them from shaving sharp to true hair popping sharp. The 600 grit stone is often adequate as a first step for light edge maintenance. 
  • X Fine 1500 grit hone: Produces razor edges while retaining just a bit of a toothy bite and will refine your edges to truly "showing off sharp". 

These are the three most important diamond hones to have in your KME sharpening kit. 

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